The EGSOLUTIONS society, registered business under 789 946 704 00010, the headquarters of which is 1 Allée des Romarins, 29280 PLOUZANE, FRANCE, proposed on the internet and accessible via http://www.cmonpoker.com, offers a free game for an undetermined amount of time.
The game and all attached rights are the property of the organizing society.
All branding, logos and other distinctive signs reproduced in the game as well as the website accessed via hyperlinks, are the exclusive property of their holders and are protected in this manner by the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code around the world. All unauthorized copying, partial or total, of these trademarks represents a contravention of this code and could possibly draw sanctions from the legal system.
All software used, and provided access to, by the game, as well as text, commentary, illustrations and images reproduced in the game and those on the sites granting access are subject to author’s ownership and their unauthorized replication presents a contravention of the Code.
This game is open to anyone physical person that is of age, except those participating in the game’s organizing and their family members, as well as those having collaborated on this or a similar title.
Minors are invited to play upon receiving permission from their parent or guardian. Their choice to participate forces the assumption that they have permission. The organizing society reserves the right to request written permission at any time and verify all necessary proceedings. Any minor unable to concede to these requests within a fortnight will lose his tokens and will be excluded from the game.
Sign-ups are limited to one account per person. It’s forbidden to indicate incorrect coordinates. Sign-ups last an indefinite amount of time, without prejudice to the right of each party to terminate this contract.
The organizing society reserves the right to request proof of identity or address for any participant.
Participating in the game is to be done exclusively via Internet and individually. Every participant has to play in person and prevents themselves, consequently, from letting third parties use their account or using methods of interrogation or automation to participate in the game.
It is rigorously forbidden to modify or attempt to modify game devices, especially to alter results or any element that can alter the outcome and winners of a game. The organizing society reserves the right to enforce the fairness of the game, notably through the use of justice to remove any player not respecting this rule.
The organizing society reserves the right to delete the account of any participant if they do not connect to the game during 3 consecutive months.
Participating in this game explicitly confirms your intent to follow these rules to the letter, and their application by the organizing society.
Certain elements of the proposed game involve luck. In this regard, the organizing society declares its conforming to legislation on French soil (similar to legislation in surrounding European countries and the world). The participant must assure, before starting a game, that they are accessing the game in a manner that is authorized by legislation, especially concerning games governed by chance.
The elements of the game involving chance function strictly as such, using current information technology that is recognized for its genuine randomness, guaranteeing an equal chance of winning to all participants.
In the case of a suspected adaptation or exploitation of the site, the organizing society reserves the right to modify current rules. These modifications are enforceable as soon as they are implemented.
Each participant already subscribed will be informed as soon as they reconnect to the site, or by other means, of the modification and will be invited to consult and agree to the new terms and conditions.
If the participant is not in accord with the new rules, they will have to manifest their refusal to the organizing society by any means possible, notably by contacting customer service. This refusal will result in the immediate closing of the complainant’s account without according them any indemnity.
The participant alone is responsible for the data they provide. Conforming to law #78-17, in effect as of January 6 1978, which relates to information technology and liberty, the participant is informed of how their information provided will be used. This, notably, permits the organizing society to manage access to the game and user account as well as customer relations.
This information is for the express use of the organizing society only, and its contractual partners, in order partially to execute the game and partially for the benefit of the recipient.
Conforming to articles 38, 39 and 40 of #78-17, modified on August 6 2004, the participant is allowed access to a right of opposition, access, rectification and suppression of all personal information concerning them that have been obtained by the society. You can exercise this right at any time by sending mail to the indicated address in the first paragraph. The demand can also be formulated directly through the game, using the explained modalities.
The participant is informed that by providing their phone number or email, they authorize the society to provide offers on their own services and products through either a first or third-party.
To unsubscribe from the organizing society’s privilege offers and from its partners’ offerings, a participant must write to the society itself.
Connecting to the game implies understanding and acceptance of the characteristics and limitations of the internet, notably technical performance, loading times, data transfer, interruption risks, and the inherent risks concerning connection and transmission over the Internet, the absence of protection present in certain links and the possibility of contamination via a virus on the network.
Consequently, the organizing society cannot be held responsible, in any circumstance, for any of the following listed issues (this list is not exhaustive):
  • The transmission or reception of any information or data over the Web
  • Connection issues causing problems with proper running of the game
  • Issues with network equipment or communication lines
  • Loss of paper or electronic mal, and generally, data loss
  • Completion issues
  • Proper function of ANY software
  • Consequences arising from a virus, bug, anomaly, or technical difficulty
  • All damage caused to a participant’s computer
  • All technical, hardware and software difficulties preventing or limiting the participant’s use of the game or damaging their property
The organizing society also absolves its responsibility linked to the dysfunction of the Internet network, resulting in eventual administration, security, integrity and game management services becoming defective.
Connecting to the game, and participating in it, is the participant’s responsibility entirely. It is entirely the participant’s responsibility to defend their details and protect their software against any assault.
The organizing society cannot possibly related to its own site’s issues, whether they pose a problem to participants or not. The society cannot be held responsible if, for a reason independent of their will, the game was to become modified, reported or cancelled. All evolution or change of the game’s code could prompt an update or a temporary unavailability of the game, which cannot be blamed on the organizing society.
In this vein, the organizing society reserve the ability to interrupt or suspend the proposed game, at any moment without warning, without justification. In this case, the responsibility of the society cannot be shifted to this effect, and the participant cannot demand compensation in any form. The organizing society states that the use of hyperlinks may lead users to other sites, independent of the society’s own site. The society cannot be held responsible for problems arising from use of these third-party sites.
Except during express and pre-discussed cases, no participant is allowed to created a hypertext link from another website, except to involve their responsibility. The organizing society may propose third-party sites or access to a membership program, as well as e-commerce or any other activity occurring on a third-party website.
In this case, the organizing society cannot assume the responsibility for third-party sites’ actions, and prompts its visitors to understand the consequences of participating in the activity. In particular, these sites visited or the ads present in the game may contain cookies. These are managed by third parties independent of the organizing society and it is only their responsibility, precisely because the organizing society does not have access to anything accessible by these cookies.
Upon signup, the participant must choose a username and a secret code granting them access to the game. It is their job to keep those values secret, and should they lose either their username or password they must understand they will be unable to access their account. This also prevents the use of their obtained tokens by others.
All illicit use if their username or password must be identified as soon as possible to the organizing society in any manner possible, so that the society can prevent the effects of this situation once they have the participant’s consent.
Digitized information, conserved in the IT systems of the organizing society, in reasonably secure and reliable conditions, are considered as proof of relation between the society and the participant.
Consequently, the participant should be aware that, except in cases of manifest error, the organizing society will prevail, especially in cases in proving acts, facts or omission thereof, programming, data, folders, registrations, operations and other elements (such as reports or other states) of nature or in digitized forms.
The elements considered form proofs and, if produced as a form of evidence in a court of law or for the sake of contention, are perfectly viable and are equivalent to a produced written source.
Operations of any nature that have been facilitated through use of a username or password, as soon as signup is complete, are assumed to be the irrefutable responsibility and intent of the participant.
The organizing society, the site and the present rules are reinforced by French law. If appropriate, except under public order stating otherwise, all litigation must be submitted to the appropriate tribunal.
The entirety of the present rules and regulations can be consulted for free in the "Terms" section at the bottom of each page.