How do I join a table?
To join a table, just click the "Play" page, enter a amount of chips between 15 to 100 times the big blind and to click "Join".

I was playing and got kicked or disconnected from the table. Why?
If it’s your turn to play and you’re inactive for over 30 seconds you’ll automatically be disconnected from the table. If your bet is smaller than the big blind, you’ll also be disconnected.

What should I do in case I spot a bug during play?
First off, please ensure you did in fact spot a bug. Then, send us a message explaining the issue in as much detail as possible using the "Contact" field. Our team will handle the issue.

How are rankings calculated?
Rankings are monthly and represent total pots won minus their chip investment. Rankings are updated every hour.

How do I delete my account?
To delete your account, navigate to the "Delete" page and enter your details. Follow the instructions.